A demo experiment at the Nordic Feed Science Conference

Our Product Application Engineer, Judith van Gorp, attended the Nordic Feed Science Conference on the 13th and 14th of June, in Uppsala, Sweden. She had a real rumen fermentation demo experiment set up with our new Gas Endeavour!

The Nordic Feed Science Conference is organised by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and has a large focus on animal feed research. The annual conference is attended by about 70 people from all over the Nordic countries. However, this year there were participants from the USA, Germany, Israel, Italy and Estonia as well!

Many visitors were excited to see our new product, Gas Endeavour. Ideas for intriguing new applications where discussed, which will be applied soon in upcoming research projects. Some interesting discussions were about the monitoring of silage processes, and in vitro fermentations for monogastric nutrition. We´re looking forward to see more about these exiciting applications!

In the exhibition booth, Judith had a real in vitro rumen fermentation demo experiment set up, where different types of silage were fermented with rumen fluid from a pasture based lactating cow. It was very interesting to see the fermentation going on and gas being produced during the exhibition, with the real-time data visualisation shown for all visitors!

In the coming weeks, Judith will be attending the annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association in Pittsburgh, and the annual meeting of the American and Canadian Societies of Animal Science in Baltimore. Looking forward to meeting you there!